How can I help you?

Biotech & Start Up

Are you looking to transfer your technology into the field of vaccines and/or infectious diseases? Are you developing new immunodiagnostics or designing a program focused on biomarker discovery in the inflammatory diseases or immunology fields? Are you looking for trans-Atlantic partnerships? Click here to learn more.

Pharmaceutical Company

Are you looking to increase your market opportunities in emerging markets in the field of infectious diseases? Do you need expert advice on how to engage local collaborators in resource-limited settings? Would you like to provide health system strengthening locally to increase the market of your product? Click here to learn more.


Do you need expert advice in immunology and global health? Do you have scientific proposals to evaluate in order to award the best team?  Do you need help in refining your strategic directions in the field of immunology and global health? Click here to learn more.

Research & Public Health Institute

Do you need help to write a grant in one of my field of expertise? Are you looking for additional scientific consulting in the fields of: biomarkers discovery, animal models of infectious diseases, development of assays to measure correlates of protection, development and implementation of cohort studies? Are you looking at developing your research abroad? Click here to learn more.

Global Health Organization

Do you need help in refining your strategic plan in the field of immunology and global health? Do you need to develop local field laboratory capacities? Are you looking for a skilled mentor and trainer for your field teams? Click here to learn more.

Consulting Services

Strategy development & relationship building


  • Customer discovery
  • Engagement of collaborators
  • Fundraising strategy
  • Field needs assessments in emerging markets
  • Scientific strategy development
  • Bi-lateral American-European relationships

Research and data analysis


  • Scientific design of basic immunology research projects
  • Pre-clinical research strategy development for vaccines, diagnostic tests and therapeutics
  • Technology transfers and technical feasibility studies
  • Evaluation of basic research and operational research projects

Technical writing and communications


Capacity building and mentorship


Public Speaking

Whether you need a speaker, moderator or panelist I will lead the discussion among a variety of groups, from small group discussions to presentations aimed at large audiences. My presentations and talks are based on a problem-based learning style, which helps the audience better understand the conclusions and will ultimately influence participants’ actions. Read more >>

Art & Science

Art and science are more alike than we think. Intense observation as developed by visual arts can greatly improve scientists’ observational skills. Conversely, science can bring new technologies to artists. The cross-fertilization of these two practices can lead to amazing pieces such the ones from Leonardo da Vinci. I support the integration of art in the STEM curriculum. In particular, I co-founded and mentored a class at UC Berkeley lead by group of senior undergraduates, mixing art and science. I also like to use different media to bring science closer to the general public. Read more >>

About Simona

Profile-picture-bwHaving worked and lived in four continents and 30+ countries, I bring a unique international experience and can easily adjust to different cultures and work styles. My experience will benefit those of your projects that need to be culturally adapted.

My broad work perspective allowed me to develop skills to foster respectful collaborations with communities and governmental organizations. My expertise and academic background gave me the foundations for a rich medical knowledge and scientific rigor to cultivate peer relationships with both clinicians and bench scientists. Whether in discussion with community members, government officials or healthcare and science professionals, I will be able to adapt my communication style to best represent your organization.

Principles that guide my work:

1. Develop respectful collaborations

2. Train and empower local teams

3. Apply science-based innovative solutions

4. Keep in mind the broader impact of the work

5. Be accountable


  • As Director of Research, Dr. Zompi laid the foundation for a promising research program at CYW, including development of the research agenda, establishment of key partnerships with Bay Area research institutions and professionals, and oversight of vital program infrastructure such as personnel, policies and procedures. However, Dr. Zompi went above and beyond these critical development needs, showing a deep and authentic investment in fellow CYW staff, interns, and the Bayview-Hunters Point community.

    Catherine HarrisonIntern, Center for Health Equity and Place at PolicyLink
  • When I began working in the Harris lab in June of 2010, I had little knowledge of what kinds of skills were necessary to be a successful scientist. I had spent years learning theory, but was never given an opportunity to practice it. Simona not only gave me this opportunity, but she also taught me some of the most important scientific skill sets I have to this day.

    Brian SantichPhD student, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  • During my time in the lab at UC Berkeley, Dr. Zompi provided excellent guidance of my research activities. I also had Dr. Zompi as guest lecturer in the class “Epidemiology of infectious diseases”, where she enthusiastically taught the basics of immunology. I particularly enjoyed the interactive style of her teaching, which encouraged us students to think critically and made the lecture a fun learning experience.  
    Andreas PuschnikPhD student, Stanford University